25 Days of SHUT THE F@#K UP – Day 3

Day 3: Pronounce peoples’ names correctly, or get the fuck off the airwaves! One of my favorite thanksgiving pasttimes is ignoring just about everyone and watching football. Thanksgiving football games tend toward awesomeness. Not the Raiders/Cowboys from last year, but just about every other game. Two staples in Thanksgiving football games are the Detroit Lions […]

25 Days of SHUT THE F@#K up – Day 2

Day 2: “Save the ta-ta’s.” Some time in late 2006 or early 2007, a young lady came into my classroom with a shirt that said, “Save the ta-tas.” Said I, “That is the stupidest shirt I have ever seen in my life.” This being a popular young lady, one young man jumped to her defense. […]

25 Days of SHUT THE F@#K UP – Day 1

That’s right, it’s time for the first annual “25 days of SHUT THE FUCK UP” to go along with ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas (which I totally could not wait for!!) This is to be a laundry list of shit I’m getting sick of hearing especially around the holidays. Ideally,. I will post one every […]

Expressions I Tire Of – The Return!

Way back toward the beginning of the worldwide web, before facebook, myspace, twitter, pinterest, instagram, imgur, tumblr, flickr, and even google, way before “social media” was even “a thing*”, there was a website called rugboy.com. It was a pretty good website for what it was in the day. In 1997 I taught myself .html and  built this […]

Racism Sucks, But You’re Going to Be Fine

I think I have finally figured out what is bothering me about the USA and its 21st century approach to racism. In case you haven’t read the article, when a customer patronized a NJ CVS to have her pictures developed, the customer name featured on her receipt was not the same one she gave. She clearly […]