25 Days of SHUT THE F@#K UP – Day 5

Day 5 – “How We Met”

As much as I enjoy having most of you in my friends list *cough* I must say there is some shit you people do that I just don’t get. I’ve had 3 previous rants about facebook in the past, and here is a separate isolated thing that I think needs to be addressed.

Those people who post that “leave a comment about how we met” image on their wall. They don’t even post the specific details about what they want, they just share this message and they expect everyone to lick their genital region with a nice sunshiney post about how their awesome friendship began. I’m not sure what it is you are looking for – justification? A shit load of comments? To see how many people you can get to pretend to give a shit? Sunshine blown up your ass? “But Scott, you post all of these things looking for people to comment, so what is the big deal?” I won’t deny that it takes a certain amount of positive reinforcement to keep me writing. But that’s the point. I am willing to work for my comments/likes. I am sharing with the you products of my original thoughts, not some overshared image created by some unoriginal hack with a hackneyed-slogan filled quote book and a crappy image editor. You did NOTHING to get your comments. I revealed my soul. Who deserves the comments? Me, not you. Up yours!

But let this not become just another item in my laundry list of complaints. I’m going to put a positive spin on this. I am going to show you how this should be done. Because perhaps there is some merit in the “say how we met” game. But it should be done differently. YOU should find someone in your friends list and write a narrative on how you met THEM. Don’t expect everyone else to come to your Facebook wall and do it for you, you lazy hencunt. I have already chosen one of the lucky 840 from my friends list on whom to write. If you want this to work, and you’re not just looking for your idiot friends to do the work for you, you should find someone – anyone in your friends list who you want to visit some “sunshine” on, and write a brief narrative on how you met them. It does not have to be (and should NOT be) ME unless you REALLY want it to be. This is not a “leave a comment for me and I’ll leave one for you” bullshit so we can all get our asses licked. This is more of a “pay it forward” type event that doesn’t cost you anything. Especially if you are of the aforementioned “post shit on my wall so I can feel better about myself” type, you should do this – you should be willing to take the initiative. For if you are not, then you suck, and must therefore shut the fuck up.

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