25 Days of SHUT THE F@#K up – Day 2

Day 2: “Save the ta-ta’s.”

Some time in late 2006 or early 2007, a young lady came into my classroom with a shirt that said, “Save the ta-tas.” Said I, “That is the stupidest shirt I have ever seen in my life.” This being a popular young lady, one young man jumped to her defense. He began to argue with me the merits of breast cancer awareness.

Said I, “let me ask you something, chum. If you had testicular cancer, do you honestly think they’re going to save your nut?”

“No,” he began, “They’ll probably remove it.”

“Why would they do that?” I asked.

“To save my life,” he replied.

“So, they won’t ‘save the giggleberries,’ they’ll save you. How’s it any different with the ‘ta-tas?'”

“Save the ta-tas” is not breast cancer awareness. It never has been. First of all, “breast cancer” is not about “ta-tas.”┬áSecondly, ta-tas is a lifeless, uncute expression for breasts. Who the fuck started calling them “ta-tas?” I oughta smash that ‘officer and a fuck-face’ watching cocklicker in the jaw with a crescent wrench.

So why am I pissed? I’ll tell you why. I saw this bullshit:


and I realized you cocksuckers picked a terrible time to say what I have been saying for the LAST EIGHT YEARS! You let this fucking disease be sexualized in the name of “awareness,” and now that everyone is “aware,” you’re coming out with this? Fuck you! Where were your dumb asses years ago when people started saying this bullshit? At this point, I’m not sure people are truly “aware” of anything. So shut the fuck up, and when you see someone wearing this kind of bull-shirt, set ’em straight.

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