25 Days of SHUT THE F@#K UP – Day 1

That’s right, it’s time for the first annual “25 days of SHUT THE FUCK UP” to go along with ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas (which I totally could not wait for!!) This is to be a laundry list of shit I’m getting sick of hearing especially around the holidays. Ideally,. I will post one every day for 25 consecutive days (but no promises – eat me!) 


Day 1: “Give retail workers their Thanksgiving off!”

People are saying this in droves, “Everyone deserves to be with their family on Thanksgiving, so don’t patronize any stores that are open on Thanksgiving and give the workers time to be with their family.”

While I don’t disagree with the sentiment, you do realize this is impossible on a grand scale, don’t you? You do, for instance, realize that if you need to stop for a restroom break on your trip to see your family, you’ll probably need to stop into a gas station or restaurant manned by someone who is working on Thanksgiving.  And if you need gas, even if you pump it yourself and pay at the pump, someone needs to be there because people need gas to get to where they are going and not everyone is self-sufficient like that. Do these people not deserve to be with family, too? But I don’t hear anyone saying “make sure you can get to where you are going on one tank of gas which you purchased the night before if you are traveling on Thanksgiving day, and if you need to stop and pee, do it in an unmanned rest area or in the bushes.”

Police, Firefighters, 911 operators, and Hospital Workers – all have to have a staff of people working on Thanksgiving. Do these people not deserve to be with family? What is it you will do for them? Not call the police in an emergency? Let your house burn? Let grandpa have a heart attack? I don’t see anybody clamoring for their right to be with family on Thanksgiving. Pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, gate agents, bus drivers, hotel workers, train engineers – are all working on Thanksgiving to get you where you need to go. But I don’t hear anyone saying “don’t take any method of transportation other than your own vehicle on Thanksgiving and sleep in your car if you have to.” Why not? Give these people the day off they deserve, right? Because everyone deserves Thanksgiving off.

I know what you’re going to say, that these are necessary services and shopping on thanksgiving is unnecessary. But is this really at the heart of the matter? Do you really care so much about workers in retail that you want them to spend Thanksgiving with their family only to have them show up early at work the next day so you can trample them to death on the way to saving $100 on a 70″ HDTV which by the way, you do not need? Maybe the sales on Thanksgiving day is a measure taken by retailers to prevent this from happening in the future – did you ever think of that? They’re saving their employees’ lives.

So, in short, shut the fuck up, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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