Racism Sucks, But You’re Going to Be Fine

I think I have finally figured out what is bothering me about the USA and its 21st century approach to racism. In case you haven’t read the article, when a customer patronized a NJ CVS to have her pictures developed, the customer name featured on her receipt was not the same one she gave. She clearly stated that her name was Hyun Lee, but when she picked up her pictures, her name had been changed to Ching Chong Lee. As a result of the “distress” she claimed to feel, and among other reasons because they can afford to pay her, she is suing CVS for $1,000,000.


$1,000,000. Because someone called her Ching Chong. You have got to be fucking kidding me.


Let me start by saying that I am not supporting the CVS employee. At all. That dipshit should have been fired on the spot. Because they did not take immediate action against the employee, and in fact dropped the ball on the complaint initially, CVS should have to donate a decent-sized sum of money to anti-racism education or an anti-defamation organization, and Ms. Lee should be compensated somehow. But a million dollars? Let’s be honest here: we all get insulted. There’s always some schmuck that feels like such a piece of shit that the only way they can feel better about themselves is to bring others down. Our society is founded on cocksucking douche canoes who do shit like this. In my 40 years, I have been called fat, ugly, smelly, stupid (really… stupid…. me…. that’s a good one) friendless, loser, and a million other things that have caused me distress. I get jack shit. But because the insult used against this woman happens to be about her race, she’s entitled to a million dollars? How is that a punishment that even remotely fits the crime? While I personally feel that racial/ethnic insults are less personal, and should therefore be less causing of distress than any of the others I mentioned, it is what we, as a society, have decided that racism represents, that allow people like Ms. Lee to go ahead with a frivolous lawsuit with impunity.


Let me once again state for the record that I am not speaking in favor of racism. I have friends, relatives, and students of all races/religions/ancestries and getting to know these people has been a wonderful part of my life. If I were racist, then I would not have taken the time to get to know them. People who are racist won’t have the opportunity to have their lives enhanced by a truly wonderful person who might not have the same skin color or visit the same type of house of worship. So if a person is racist but never truly harms another human being because of it, is it really the worst thing in the world? By limiting the people they associate with based on anything other than their character, they are only diminishing the quality of their own lives. I feel bad for many of these people, as much of the time it is their upbringing that led them down this path. I believe we must distinguish, however, between a situation where a person is simply a racist/bigot, and when one’s racism impedes another’s right to life, liberty, and property. For instance, if you don’t like Black people and because of it never associate with them, then that’s your loss. But if you are a mortgagor who won’t sell a house to a Black family because they are Black, then you have deprived another citizen of their American rights. That should be actionable and punishable. THE PROBLEM IS THAT WE TREAT THE SIMPLE ACT OF CALLING SOMEONE A RACIAL EPITHET AS A DEPRIVATION OF HIS OR HER RIGHTS. It is not. It is simply an insult. If the CVS employee refused to serve Ms. Lee because of her race, then I say she has a case. If the pharmacy department refuses to fill her prescription because she is Asian, and as a result she suffers a life-threatening condition, then I say $1,000,000 isn’t enough. But none of that happened. Ms. Lee was not deprived of her rights at all. She was simply insulted. That is not worth $1,000,000. If what happened to me is not worth any money, this shit ain’t worth a cool mil. When I was in middle school, I was bullied so bad that I got absolutely no education in 6th grade. I had to leave the school and miss all of seventh grade, and one month of eighth grade, and because students, administrators, and teachers alike were complicit in tormenting me (my sixth grade teacher was actually a ringleader) when I finally got back to school I had to operate at a level far below my ability all throughout high school because I had missed out on so much education. You read that right. I endured daily torture from everybody for a full academic year. THEN, I had to go to some shitty alternative school where I learned nothing because all they could do is deal with the behavior problems from all the dirtbags in the school. Finally, I came back to the district one month into the academic year, but to the school on the other side of town amid speculation and daily interrogation as to what the fuck I was doing there in the first place. That’s 2+ years where my life was a living hell every. fucking. day. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY?!?!?! I get nada, but this cunt thinks she is entitled to a million dollars because of Ching Chong? Which is worse – what I went through, or her “suffering?”  It is infuriating to me, and yet – it isn’t totally her fault. It is our societal approach to racism that makes more of racial epithets than what they are – a way to hurt someone with words. This approach in itself often staves off outward displays of racism and bigotry, especially if the offending person is a celebrity. One example of this from the recent past is Michael Richards racist rant at the laugh factory. It’s not like his career was going anywhere at this point to begin with, but if his acting career was about to return to prominence, this incident sure put the kibosh on that. From this we learn that if you’re famous and you say some racist shit, your career is over. All million dollar lawsuits aside, it’s actually a good thing. Here’s why:


Have you seen any good Mel Gibson movies of late? No you haven’t. Two incidents, the one involving an intoxicated Gibson being pulled over by a cop and the subsequent anti-semitic tirade that ensued, and his rant against his girlfriend at the time where he dropped n-bombshave pretty much ensured that you will never enjoy any movies starring or directed by Gibson ever again. But it seems that if I ever tell someone that I wished they’d make a Lethal Weapon 5 or what a fucking boss movie Braveheart was, I get the same reaction: “How can you watch a movie by Mel Gibson when he hates Jews?” It’s simple. How exactly did Gibson’s anti-semitic rants affect my life?  His actions didn’t hurt me at all. His anti-semitism hasn’t stopped me from buying property, or being able to eat in certain restaurants. So why should I give a shit if he has some cock-eyed world view about Jews? Why should I boycott his movies? His racism hurt himnot me. Ergo, his racism is his problem. My position, however, depends upon the public reaction to incidents likes these, so if the social consequences of his racist rants weren’t so severe, I would have to boycott his movies. Because if not for the outrage by the Jewish groups at Gibson’s comments, he would not have been shamed into his two fake public apologies, he’d still have a career, and having seen Gibson suffer no negative consequences for outward racist aggression, racists would come out of the woodwork in droves, and anti-semitic rants would escalate to violence against Jews (and other minorities.) So we need this public backlash to keep these cocksmokers at bay. Where I draw the line is people trying to make money off of it. Now you’ve changed the whole situation from, “this person is an asshole who needs to be dealt with,” to “I want a million dollars for my ‘suffering.’ ” What a bunch of horse shit. Truth be told, I’d rather have Mel call me at 8:45 every night to say, “Hey Scott, you dirty kike bastard. You are a greasy guinea wop dago sheeny hook nose hebe shylock prick, and because you’re half sicilian you’re part n***** too, so fuck you” than to have what happened to me in middle school happen to my worst enemy. Before we hung up, I’d even thank Mel for his candor, and for at least letting me know where we stand. Let us not pretend we would not accept any such insults with smiles on our faces if a million-dollar payout would result. And if THAT is the case, then we’re not really hurt by the words at all.


So here is a lesson in logic: If someone uses your race as an excuse to keep you from life, liberty, and property, then I say sue the balls off of them. But if someone calls you a racial epithet, make a stink. Punch ’em in the fucking face. Let everyone know what a racist pile of shit you’re dealing with. Pull out your cell phone, catch the racist rant on video, and upload it to youtube. Maybe then the prick will think twice about what they saybefore they say it. Don’t go suing for a million dollars. That just makes you completely full of shit. If someone calls you a name, it is understandable that you feel anger. It is normal to feel hurt. But no feeling you get from being called any name is worth $1,000,000. And if you think you’re suffering a million dollars worth of distress because someone called you a name, then you’re just a fucking pussy and you need to toughen up.

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